Blood Lines
  home news research teams eric gilson vã©ronique paquis thierry magnaldo gaã«l cristofari people contact us team of thierry magnaldo â« genetic and physiopathology of skin carcinomia â» â  introduction research topics team bibliography partners among the epithelial cancers that arise with ageing, squamous cell carcinomas are by far the most common (figure 1) and are generally lethal. Invasiveness of epithelial cancers is known to depend on the interactions between the tumor cells and their microenvironment.. However, the exact nature of such interactions deserves further investigations. Pathogenesis of human skin carcinomas is subject to genetic, environmental, and age-related parameters. buy generic viagra online generic viagra where to buy viagra online where to buy viagra online generic viagra from canada cheap generic viagra online online pharmacy generic viagra Our experimental settings aim at documenting molecular events associated with epithelial carcinogenesis and thus contribute to innovative therapeutic approaches. We set up experimental models of susceptibility to skin cancer based on rare genetic conditions such as the gorlin’ or the xerodema pigmentosum (xp) syndromes that are due to distinct molecular alterations (nucleotide excision repair and sonic hedgehog signaling pathway, respectively). Most notably, gorlin’syndrome is associated with non metastatic skin carcinoma while rates of metastatic cancers are very elevated in xp patients. Development of pathological organotypic skin cultures in vitro indicate that stroma-epithelium interactions are affected in a disease specific manner and suggests that patients’ fibroblasts may play a key role in early tumor development and determine aggressiveness (figure 2). Our models will contribute to deciphering molecular clues underlying stroma-cancer evolution and improve targetting of antitumoral treatments. Figure 1 figure 1, adapted from depihno, r. , nature, 408, (2000)the age of cancer. Please note that about 30 % human cancers are basal and squamous cell carcinomas. Figure 2 figure 2, pathologic organotypic skin cultures (osc), developed from cells isolated from patients suffering either from the cancer-susceptibility genetic diseases xeroderma pigmentousm, a, or gorlin’ syndrome, b. In situ labellings are as indicated (ki67, left; cyclin d1 right) and show high rates of cell multiplication in epithelial invasions within the stroma. Epithelial cancers - epithelial cancers and their invasive capacity are known to depend on interaction between the tumor cell and it microenvironment but the exact nature of these interactions deserves further investigations. - in the human, skin is the organ most often victim of carcinoma.
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A view into the souls of HIV+ youth Produced & Directed by: Rebecca Guberman & Jennifer Jako

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The New York Times calls Blood Lines "a pointed, moving documentary" and "an eloquent plea for understanding"
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