Blood Lines
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The tetrad of finger agnosia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and right-left disorientation. The syndrome may be developmental or acquired. Acquired gerstmann syndrome is associated with lesions in the dominant (usually left) parietal lobe which involve the angular gyrus or subjacent white matter. (from adams et al. , principles of neurology, 6th ed, p457) an = do not confuse with gerstmann-straussler syndrome, a slow virus dis ui = d005862   gerstmann-straussler-scheinker disease ms = an autosomal dominant familial prion disease with a wide spectrum of clinical presentations including ataxia, spastic paraparesis, extrapyramidal signs, and dementia. Clinical onset is in the third to sixth decade of life and the mean duration of illness prior to death is five years. Several kindreds with variable clinical and pathologic features have been described. Pathologic features include cerebral prion protein amyloidosis, and spongiform or neurofibrillary degeneration. (from brain pathol 1998 jul;8(3):499-513; brain pathol 1995 jan;5(1):61-75) an = a prion dis: do not confuse with gerstmann syndrome, a type of agnosia ui = d016098   gestalt theory ms = a system which emphasizes that experience and behavior contain basic patterns and relationships which cannot be reduced to simpler components; that is, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Ui = d005863   gestalt therapy ms = a form of psychotherapy with emphasis on the interplay of organism and environment. Basic to this therapy is the development of awareness and maturity, as well as self-confidence. An = a psychother technique; df: gestalt ther ui = d005864   gestational age ms = age of the conceptus. In humans, this may be assessed by medical history, physical examination, early immunologic pregnancy tests, radiography, ultrasonography, and amniotic fluid analysis. viagra and cialis for sale cheap viagra online viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online cheap free shipping generic viagra overnight delivery cheap generic viagra cheapest viagra pills buy generic viagra An = mammalian only; no qualif; for fetus, not mother; with pregnancy trimesters terms, specify trimester but do not also use gestational age ui = d005865   gestational trophoblastic neoplasms ms = a group of interrelated trophoblastic diseases arising from pregnancy. They are commonly associated with hyperplasia of trophoblasts (trophoblast) and markedly elevated human chorionic gonadotropin. They include hydatidiform mole, invasive mole (hydatidiform mole, invasive), placental-site trophoblastic tumor (trophoblastic tumor, placental site), and choriocarcinoma. These neoplasms have varying propensities for invasion and spread. Ui = d031901   gestonorone caproate ms = a long-acting potent progestogen structurally related to progesterone. (from martindale, the extra pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1185) ui = d005866   gestosis, eph ms = hypertensive state associated with edema and proteinuria which develops during pregnancy up to the 20th week of gestation, after which it is classified as pre-eclampsia. An = eph stands for edema, proteinuria, hypertension; check tags human & female & p.
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A view into the souls of HIV+ youth Produced & Directed by: Rebecca Guberman & Jennifer Jako

New updated 2015 version now available

The New York Times calls Blood Lines "a pointed, moving documentary" and "an eloquent plea for understanding"
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